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Alpine Solutions was founded in 2013 as a consultancy company for professional training to maritime organization. In 2017 in collaboration with the University of Maritime Studies (ISEM), we acquired an exceptional and unique professionalism in Morocco, in the training of ship security personnel. We annually carried out one of the most qualified Moroccan training courses in the sector. In 2019 the training offer extends to the ROV and SURVEY sector and the company begun taking its first maritime jobs, was then created Alpine Solution Security.

Alpine Solutions Security was founded to meet the increasing client demands, offering a wide range of efficient and cost-effective Maritime Security Services, managed exclusively by a highly motivated and experienced group of trained professionals with a long and proven track record in preparing and escorting vessels through High-Risk Areas, in the region of Gulf of Aden and Gulf of Guinea (GoG).

Mission driven company, Alpine Solutions Security provides a wide range of services including maritime security and escort, catering services, ship chandelling services, vessel hiring, offshore services...
Alpine Solutions has been a maritime security service solutions provider since 2013 and stands as a main player in security and escort in the Gulf of Guinea in particular and Africa in general.

As Alpine Solutions Security, we built our reputation and business on armed maritime security teams supporting vessels passing through the High Risk Area of the Gulf of Guinea and dangerous maritime routes. We provide services transitioning from ship to shore in some of the most dangerous countries in of Africa. This includes audits and security planning, physical security and journey management.

Above all, we help our customers create confidence that they can do their business in any environment and rely on Alpine Solutions Security to enable them.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide the Shipping Industry with high-quality Maritime Security Solutions, based on international rules and regulations that include the industry standard for the Maritime Security Companies, for the purpose of preventing and suppressing piracy and armed robbery against Merchant and Cruising Vessels, protecting vessel, crew and cargo.

Our Vision

To be a point of reference in creating and implementing effective solutions to complex and multidisciplinary problems related to maritime security and escort, integrating eco-skills, new technology, means, equipment and highly qualified personnel.

Our Privacy

Piracy related security threats has been on a continuous increase within the Gulf of Guinea over the past decades. It is essential to point out the importance of maritime roads to the word economy. The use of maritime roads is the lifeblood of our global economy, with over a billion tonnes of cargo carried annually on ships. The importance of security not to be described. As leading maritime security experts, Alpine Solutions Security provides convenient, qualitative, cost effective security and escort services to some of the world’s largest ship chartering companies, oil majors, cruise liners, container ship owners, cargo carrier operators, shipping corporations, luxury yacht clients and others maritime vessels users.



Alpine Solutions Security is committed to continual improvements in the area of health, safety, and the environment. Our goal is zero accidents in safety and zero incidents of environmental non-compliance. Recognizes its responsibility for providing a safe workplace and the protection of the health and safety of employees, contractors, visitors, and the communities in which we operate and live in.

Is committed to rigorous enforcement of the Life Saving Rules as well as maintaining compliance with applicable health, safety, and environmental regulatory requirements.

Will commit resources to promote pollution prevention, minimization of waste, and conservation of energy and other critical resources.

Pledges to operate according to the local Industry Council’s guiding principles of Responsible Care®.
Places the highest priority of health and safety so that no job that we do is so important that we will knowingly put the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, or the environment at risk.
Is committed to providing necessary resources and maintaining the management system that we adopted.
Stop any job that puts themselves, colleagues, or the environment at risk and report any non-compliance issue to their manager.
Share this commitment to health, safety, and environmental excellence.
Conduct Risk Assessment in everything they do to assure that they recognize potential hazards, take appropriate steps to control or eliminate those hazards and are ready for the unexpected.
Comply with the Life Saving Rules. Fulfil their obligation to Responsible Care® by complying with Alpine Solutions Security health, safety, and environmental policies.


Alpine Solutions Security is up to date with all the required regulations.